is your property secure

Recent statistics in 2022 show that the total number of “burglary crime” in Sunderland is 1.8k, and this number has increased by 26.1% when compared with the same period the year before. In fact, Sunderland has the 5th highest crime rate out of 94 postcode areas. This is shocking and the police are trying to crack down on crime in the area with some success. In order to not become one of these statistics here are some tips to follow to ensure that your property is secure.

1)      Make sure that your uPVC doors are snap safe. uPVC, composite/wooden doors are usually secured by a multipoint locking mechanism. But lock snapping is a very common occurrence with inferior Euro cylinders that are within the door mechanism. If your uPVC doors are fitted with inferior locks then your home could be at risk. Burglars can break in literally within seconds if they come across a poor-quality locking mechanism as this video shows. Our advice is to get a locksmith out to check whether you need to upgrade your locks.


2)      Do you have secure British Standard BS3621 Dead Locks? These are insurance approved as they are rigorously tested to ensure that they can resist the tricks and skills of burglars. Ask a locksmith to review your front and back door security and upgrade your door locks if necessary.

3)      Don’t post on social media platforms that you are away on holiday. This is an open invitation to thieves. Consider putting timer switches on a couple of lamps if you are away from home for any time to give the appearance that someone is at home. And if you go on holiday, make sure that you cancel milk deliveries and ask neighbours to put your bins out.

4)      Install an alarm system if possible as well as security lighting. Thieves tend to look for easy targets. Putting security installations in place will make them move on usually to find an easier target.

5)      Don’t leave your front door unlocked even when you are inside. It is easy for a thief to try a front door and sometimes they get lucky and nip in and steal a purse or wallet lying near the door. Or worse – your car keys!

6)      Close and lock all windows when you leave your home. Even ones on the upper floors can be accessed by expert thieves. And on that note, don’t leave ladders around either. This is an invitation to them to try and enter via an upper floor.

We think Sunderland is a great place to live and work despite the crime figures. If you follow our advice you will hopefully avoid becoming a burglary statistic.