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Covering the whole of Sunderland City, our auto locksmith is one of the best in the area to get you moving once again.

Auto Locksmith

One of the locksmith services which we are commonly called out for is when motorists cannot get back into their vehicle due to:

– The car keys are lost or have been stolen –

– The fact that the car key is inside the car and the car is locked –

-The central locking system is not functioning anymore –

– The car key is jammed or broken in the lock and whatever you try to pull the key out doesn’t work –

In these circumstances, it is best to call an auto locksmith to get you on the road again. They have the tools and experience to extract broken keys or enter your car using non-destructive methods or get the central locksmith system working again. Your vehicle is worth thousands of pounds so it makes sense to pay a small fee to get access back again without damaging your vehicle.


Car Locksmith Specialist



What is an auto locksmith?

An auto locksmith is a trained locksmith who specialises in vehicle entry. But not only that, vehicle locksmiths can help with many other situations such as:

  • Vehicle entry
  • Broken keys removed
  • Vehicle Locks Repaired
  • Keys cut to code
  • Lost keys replaced
  • Spare keys supplied & programmed
  • Remotes reprogrammed
  • Transponder Key programming
  • Lost or stolen Transponder keys de-programmed
  • Fault diagnostics

Lost Car Keys

lost car keys

This situation is extremely common so don’t be embarrassed about getting help. Or your keys might have been stolen which can add to your worries.

Sunderland City Locksmiths can help in these situations by cutting and programming a new set of car keys so that you can get on your way and negate any threats.

How? Before this was something that could only be done by dealerships. But not anymore as we are legitimately able to access the relevant databases and cut and program a new set of keys for you wherever you might be.  Furthermore, we make it impossible for anyone who finds your keys to access your vehicle. Our systems are able to access your car’s immobiliser system, so we can edit or delete old keys that have been lost or stolen and therefore remove the threat of your car being stolen.


Broken or Jammed Keys

broken car key

This is a very frustrating situation but one which is easy for Sunderland City Locksmiths! We have the tools necessary to remove broken or jammed car keys and replace them by cutting a new replacement set onsite. So where ever you are, we can get to you quickly and extract the keys and replace them.

Car Key Fob Repair

Sunderland City Locksmith can copy all types of car, van, or lorry keys. We can also repair broken key fobs, or order replacement fobs from the manufacturer if needed.

For anything related to your car or van’s security, get in touch with us first. We will be much cheaper than the main dealerships or garages.


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