Choosing a front door that will give aesthetic appeal as well as security can be difficult. You want to choose a door that has kerb appeal but also makes you feel safe and secure once you close it. There are a number of things to consider when choosing a new front door:

  1. Style and material. There is a huge range as you can imagine. There are wooden front doors including oak, mahogany, and pine. You can also choose a Upvc door or a composite door or a custom-made door.
  2. Cost is important and it depends on the material and style of the door. An average price of a front door can range from anywhere from £200 to £4000 for a custom-made door. One thing to check is if it covers all the door furniture such as handles, letterbox, weather, strip, weather seals, and of course locks.
  3. Door Security

    How secure the front door is:

Wooden Doors

A thick wooden door is considered to be very secure – basically the thicker it is the less chance it is of being kicked in. But to complement this you will need to install quality locks fitted by a professional locksmith. Most insurance companies will insist on the five-lever mortice as standard security. Wooden doors allow you to add extra locks such as night latches if so desired unlike other types of front doors.

UPVC Doors

These are very popular and have been for decades. Older UPVC doors suffered from security lapses as the locking system was easily snapped by burglars. Cheap cylinder locks are a specific weakness and you should ensure that your multi-point lock has an anti-snap euro cylinder. New UPVC doors will have an anti-snapping lock. A disadvantage of these types of doors is that you cannot enhance security by adding any more locks to the door other than what it has.

Composite Doors

These are doors made up of several types of material. They normally have a solid timber core, but the skin of the door contains other materials such as uPVC, laminate, or fibreglass to make it really strong. They are usually secured with a multipoint locking system and anti-snap euro cylinder.

As a professional and local locksmith, Sunderland City locksmiths can install new locking systems on all front doors- in fact, we are considered experts in multi-point locksmith systems. Give us a call to find out more.  We cover the whole of Sunderland including Washington and Seaham.